Frigid Rigid Ice Chest CushionUse your ice chest or freezer/refrigerator for extra seating! Add a specially-installed cushion to the lid of your Frigid Rigid to create extra seating capacity on your boat or at your next picnic on the beach! The cushions are attached with snaps and can easily be removed. A Frigid Rigid can easily support the weight of several adults. Various sizes of cushions are available. See below.

Frigid Rigid Ice Chest
Cushion Details
12″ X 21″ $230
12″ X 24″ $240
12″ X 36″ $250
15″ X 21″ $245
15″ X 24″ $250
15″ X 30″ $260
15″ X 33″ $270
15″ X 36″ $285
15″ X 39″ $290
15″ X 43″ $305
15″ X 48″ $320
18″ X 21″ $240
18″ X 24″ $250
18″ X 30″ $265
18″ X 33″ $275
18″ X 36″ $285
18″ X 48″ $320
18″ X 54″ $330
21″ X 24″ $305
21″ X 36″ $340
21″ X 48″ $370
21″ X 54″ $380
21″ X 66″ $410
22″ X 45″ $370
22″ X 60″ $390

SANDWICH TRAY (18″ & 21″ Width Ice Chest without Setback)


Sandwich Tray

Made of stainless steel, Frigid Rigid sandwich trays will keep contents cold and dry!

Standard sandwich trays are 6″ deep  x 12 3/4″ long  x 10 1/2″ wide.

Will not fit in cooler with a setback lid.

Frigid Rigid Ice Chest

PERFORATED STAINLESS STEEL BAIT TRAY (18″ & 21″ Width Ice Chest without Setback)


Made of stainless steel, Frigid Rigid perforated bait trays will keep contents cold and dry!

Standard bait trays are 2  1/2″ deep x 20 7/8″ long x 12 3/4″ wide.

Will not fit in cooler with a setback lid.

Frigid Rigid Ice Chest



The new turn buckle tie down system is designed to hold your cooler in place even in the roughest conditions. A clip is installed on the ice chest and a small plate is mounted on your deck with a removable eye bolt. The turn buckle hooks are inserted into the bracket and deck plate. The turn buckle is then tightened securely.


Frigid Rigid Ice Chest



(includes 2 straps and 4 stainless steel brackets) Secure your Frigid Rigid cooler with our strap tie-down kit. When not in use, only the low profile deck plates remain leaving nothing to trip over. Kit Includes:

  • 2 heavy duty nylon straps with stainless steel cam buckles.
  • 4 stainless steel mounting plates, and mounting hardware.
  • All hardware is marine grade stainless steel.

Front Latch  ($40)



Drain Plug  ($8)



Hinge Set   ($40)



Feet Pads  ($11 Per Feet Pad/ $17 Per Double Thick Feet Pad)


Feet pads are sold individually




Turn one Frigid Rigid into several! Our optional partitions are a great way to prevent sloshing of contents in larger-sized Frigid Rigids. The dividers are removable, and the location of the dividers can be varied. Check with the Frigid Rigid Dealer nearest you for details on dividers.

Frigid Rigid Ice Chest

Double Lid


The double lid is available for the 210, 240, and 300 quart ice chests. **This item is only available at the time of ice chest purchase.**

Frigid Rigid Ice Chest



Constructed of durable fiberglass, our optional corner chocks will secure your Frigid Rigid in place on a boat or in a vehicle.

Frigid Rigid Ice Chest


Frigid Rigid Recessed Handles

Recessed handles can be molded into the side of the ice chests. This replaces rope handles. Recessed handles are only available on 85 Qt or smaller sizes.

**This item is only available at the time of ice chest purchase.**

Frigid Rigid Ice Chest


Frigid Rigid Nonskid lid

A non-skid surface can be applied to the top of the lid. This is recommended if the user intends to use the cooler as a step. The lids are reinforced when the non-skid surface is applied to ensure proper strength so a person can stand on the ice chest.

**This item is only available at the time of ice chest purchase.**

Frigid Rigid Ice Chest


On many boats the coolers are kept under leaning post, gunwales or other hard to reach areas. The new Cooler Slide makes it easy to access the cooler. The slide is made of non-corrosive starboard material with a stainless steel spring latch which secures the slide in the extended and retracted positions. It is designed to be simple and functional. This slide comes in four widths to match the Frigid Rigid coolers, 15”, 18”, 21” and 24”. With some small modifications it can be used with other brands of coolers. The space required to install the coolers is the length of the cooler plus 3 inches and the height of the cooler plus an inch and a quarter.

Frigid Rigid Ice Chest
Cooler Slide
Slide Extended
Slide Retracted


Crafted from stainless steel inside and out, it keeps drinks hot or cold for up to 6 hours.

  • 20 Oz., 7″ H
  • BPA free
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior
  • Double-wall construction for outstanding insulation
  • Spill-resistant slide-action lid with rubber gasket
  • Meets FDA requirementsNote: Due to vacuum insulation technology, capacity is 18 Oz. with lid on.