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The boat cooler merges all the advantages of a 100 quart cooler. The Frigid Rigid boat cooler is capable of keeping ice for up to 2 weeks, with a six drawer, fully enclosed tackle center mounted on the "set-back" portion of the top of the cooler. Designed specifically with the fisherman in mind, the boat cooler functions as a durable, well insulated food and fish storage area as well as an organizational tool for a all your tackle needs. Frigid Rigid boat coolers are made in the USA. Our boat coolers are built to withstand years of rugged, outdoor exposure and are unaffected by sun or salt spray. Salt corrosion can be a major issue with a standard boat cooler but the Frigid Rigid boat cooler is built to last. Many companies have sought to imitate our boat cooler, however at Frigid Rigid we remain solidly at the top of our industry in performance, reliability, durability, quality of materials and workmanship.

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