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Frigid Rigid Fish Box

A Fish box is the perfect storage solution for any center console fishing boat. A fish box can serve dual purposes while keeping fish fresh a fish box can also keep food cold. The fish box comes standard with features such as a removable baffle, a sandwich tray and a perforated bait tray to keep your items separated and organized. The fish box can have a standard lid or a double lid divider with the option of mounting it to the deck using our heavy duty stainless steel turnbuckles. At the standard 5 foot length the Frigid Rigid fish box is the best solution for keeping fish with greater body length fresh. The fish box's fiberglass construction, includes two inches of insulating foam, and "D" ring air-tight seal to keep your haul cold and fresh in excess of two weeks. Typical fish box coolers from our competitors have small amounts of insulation. Our fishbox is built to withstand the pounding of waves, fish and the sun. Frigid Rigid the last fish box you'll ever need unless you want another one.

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