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Ice Chests

Ice Chests are considered portable refrigerators for keeping liquids and food cold. Many ice chests hold ice for a short amount of time, usually only a few hours. Frigid rigid ice chests hold ice for longer than a few hours, they keep ice for days. Our ice chests have caught on fire and still held ice. Frigid Rigid ice chests are available in 25 different sizes, so you are sure to find the right size ice chests to meet your needs. Ice chests designed to keep contents cold in any type of environment are built with superior insulation and airtight lids. Not all ice chests are created equal however, ice tends to melt in off brand coolers but our ice chests are built to stand the test of heat and time. Frigid Rigid ice chests outperformed one leading brand by 44% AND outperformed another leading brand by 88%. When making the choice to purchase long lasting ice chests look no further than Frigid Rigid ice chests.

Ice Chests Frigid Rigid Ice Chest Frigid Rigid Ice Chests Frigid Rigid

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