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Marine Cooler

Frigid Rigid Marine Cooler

A marine cooler is an insulated box used to keep drinks, food and more, cold. Typical marine cooler use occurs on a boat, when fishing from shore and going to the beach. A marine cooler is usually more insulated than a regular non marine cooler to handle a higher level of heat. The sun is the #1 problem when it comes to a non marine cooler because it melts ice. The Frigid Rigid marine cooler stands up to the sun and holds ice for days not just a couple hours. When you're on the beach a marine cooler is guaranteed to keep all your food items cold. When you're out on your boat in 85 degrees and your sunning or fishing the Frigid Rigid marine cooler will hold your ice for your whole trip. When in doubt choose a marine cooler over a non marine cooler.

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