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Solar Refrigerator

Solar Refrigerator

The solar refrigerator from Frigid Rigid has been designed first for marine applications but also with disaster relief in mind. If a disaster happens in your local area, power is not always available. The Frigid Rigid solar refrigerator is perfect for providing storage for items that need to stay cold without requiring any power. Designed specifically as a renewable energy source of cooling. The solar refrigerator has premium quality insulation and has been designed for marine use with weatherproof materials and airtight lids. Natural disasters can be a scary situation as it comes to food and items like insulin storage. The Frigid Rigid solar refrigerator can give you peace of mind providing cold storage and halting the growth of bacteria from warm items. We have designed the solar refrigerator to be salt corrosion resistant and sun proof. All of our products including the solar refrigerator are made in the USA. At Frigid Rigid, we are the industry standard for performance, durability, reliability, quality of materials and workmanship. If you are searching for the best solar refrigerator for marine use or natural disaster preparations you have found it here at Frigid Rigid.

Solar Refrigerator Solar Refrigerator Solar Refrigerator

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