About Us

Frigid Rigid was founded circa 1980 in the Florida Keys. The founder of the company was an avid fisherman and he could not buy an ice chest that would keep ice for more than a day or two. He was a very resourceful man so he decided to design and build a more efficient ice chest. All of the main features of the original ice chest plus some improvements are incorporated in today’s design. Frigid Rigid has been continuously producing high efficient ice chest and freezers in the US for 35 years. For the first fifteen years of the company’s existence it concentrated mainly on the production of custom ice chests and freezers. These were sold mainly by word of mouth. Production was very limited because of the use of customized molds. In the last fifteen years, Frigid Rigid has invested in production molds and this has significantly increased our production capacity, allowing us to serve a much larger market. Frigid Rigid produces very high quality ice chests and freezers/refrigerators. We offer over 50 different sizes of ice chests and 12 sizes of freezers/refrigerators. These are designed mainly for the boating market although they are also ideally suited for many other recreational and commercial markets.


How did the company get the catchy name Frigid Rigid?

In the early days of the company’s existence the founder and some of his buddies were sitting on the end of a dock in the Florida Keys drinking a few beers and talking about the newly invented ice chest. One of the men said that the new ice chest really kept things “frigid”. Another commented on how strong and “rigid” the construction was. Thus the name Frigid Rigid was born.

How long will the Frigid Rigid ice chest keep ice?

This is a very difficult question to answer because there are so many variables that will affect the efficiency. Such things as sun, outside temperature and the number of times the ice chest is opened can affect the melting rate of the ice. In general, we regularly receive reports of the Frigid Rigid ice chest keeping ice for up to 10 days. We have several reports that blocks of ice stayed frozen for three to four weeks.

How can the Frigid Rigid keep ice for so long?

The three design features that contribute the most to the efficiency of the Frigid Rigid are (1) the fiberglass construction, (2) two inches of high density foam insulation and (3) the “D” ring airtight seal which keeps outside air from leaking into the box.

How strong are your ice chests and freezers?

The ice chest and freezers/refrigerators are very strong. They are made of reinforced fiberglass and have a gel coat finish. They are constructed like the hull of a boat. The two inches of high density foam insulation adds significantly to the structural strength. We also use heavy-duty hinges and latches.

Can you sit on the chests without hurting them?

Absolutely, in fact, we sell cushions which can be installed for more comfortable seating. These chests can easily support the weight of several adults.

How can I get a Frigid Rigid?

We have a number of dealers throughout the United States. Check out our list of Frigid Rigid Dealers here. If you do not have a dealer in your area, contact Frigid Rigid for assistance at 239-433-4447, or email sales@frigidrigid.com. You can also purchase them online at this website.

Has any testing been done comparing the efficiency of the Frigid Rigid with other ice chests that are on the market?

Yes. And in every test conducted, the Frigid Rigid is significantly more efficient than other brands. Test results are posted here.